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Technical Data


Number of Operator

9 persons

Mill Roll stand & Single Facer: 1  Double Facer: 1  Slitter Scorer & Cut-off: 1

Stacker: 2   Boiler: 1  Glue system: 1   Chief:1


Running Width




Max Speed

100 m/min


Working Speed



Monthly Output

500~800tons  (1 shift with12 hours /day, 24 working days/ month)


Maximum sheet size

1800mmX 3000 mm


Minimum sheet size



Paper Grades

90 g/csm – 180 g/csm  (Medium)

110 g/csm – 400 g/csm  (Liner)


Adhesives Required



Starch consumption

3 ply: 10-15g/㎡

5 ply: 20-30g/㎡


Steam Pressure

1.2 MPa


Steam Consumption

Approx. 2800~3000kg/h


Occupied Space

Approx. 10 m X 48m  (Incl. operation space)

Highest point is 4.25m


Power Capacity

Approx : 181Kw


Power Required

380V, 50HZ, 3 PHASE


Paper going

Drive side (left hand or right hand)



A, B, C or E  (UV flute)



120 days after the receipt of down payment


Quality Guarantee

1 year after installation

Commodity Name, Quantity

No. Name Qty
1 800A Rails & Trolleys+ZP350Turnplates 3
2 WZJ-A1800 Mill Roll Stand (Motorized lifting and clamping, pneumatic brake, expansion chuck) 3
3 DMWL-A1800 Single Facer (steam heating, fingerless, Tungsten corrugating roll A/B/C Flute) Flute type is to be confirmed) 2
4 XYR420-1800 Pre-heater 4
6 YRA600-1800 Triple Pre-heater 1
7 GQ1800-II Conveyor Bridge 1
8 RMJ-1800-II Gluer 1
9 ZH-A1800 Double Facer (425mm*13 pieces hotplates, pressure rolls, upper belt cleaning device, temperature digital readout) 1
  Drive Roll Stand (variable frequency control) 1
10 SBFY-A1800 Slitter Scorer (4outs, Variable frequency control) 1
  Trim shredder system 1
11 DHQ1800 NC Cut Off (simplex) 1
12 DS Stacker(simplex) 1
13 ZJD Glue preparing and Supplying system 1
14 Compressed Air system 1

Mill Roll Stand (Mechanically)

Main Structure and Features

  • Motorized lifting and lowering with overload protection device
  • Motorized clamping/unclamping and centering with overload protection device
  • HT200 Iron cast clamping arms
  • Solid operation cabinet
  • Pneumatic web tension adjustment
  • Expansion chuck

Main Structure and Features

  • Motorized lifting and lowering with overload protection device
  • Motorized clamping/unclamping and centering with overload protection device
  • HT200 Iron cast clamping arms
  • Solid operation cabinet
  • Pneumatic web tension adjustment
  • Expansion chuck

Single Facer (Fingerless)

Main Structure and Features

  • Excellent appearance and compact structure
  • Vacuum suction Fingerless design provides perfect flute formation and is free of high-low flutes
  • Corrugating roll (with diameters of Φ263/Φ266), 48CrMo alloy steel, and induction hardened with hardness up to HRC55~60, which provides remarkable wear resistance and long life
  • Main bearings, lubricated with high-temperature grease, selected to provide outstanding sealing performance and reliable lubricating.
  • Applicator roll loading and unloading are pneumatically controlled with quick response and excellent impact absorption
  • Gap adjustment between applicator roll and doctor roll is accomplished by worm and worm wheel mechanism
  • Self-circulating glue system, applicator roll is immersed within glue pan
  • Pressure roll (Φ262.5), applicator roll(Φ210) as well as doctor roll(Φ118), top quality forged steel, also hard chrome-plated and ground.

Main Technical Data

  • Designed speed:100m/min (steam heating)
  • Available width: 1800mm
  • Available paper width : 850~1800mm
  • Total power: 33Kw

Overhead Bridge Mounted Pre-heater

Main Structure and Features

  • Preheating Roll:There is steam in the roll to heat the web or single-faced web.
  • Tensioning Roll: Guide the moving of the web.
  • Wallboard: To support and locate the machine.

Main Technical Data

  • Available width: 1800mm
  • Pre-heating roll diameter: Φ420


Main Structure and Features

  • Rotary preheating roll driven by paper with manual brake enhances heat conduction.
  • Motorized wrap angle adjustment, meeting different paper and working speed.
  • Spraying device for pre-conditioner to adjust moisture content of the fluting paper

Main Technical Data

  • Available width: 1800mm
  • Pre-heater roll diameter: Φ600mm
  • Wrap angle adjusting range: 600~2200
  • Power: 0.55kW (for wrap roll adjustment)

Overhead Bridge Conveyor

Main structure and Features

  • Frame made of channel iron, angle iron and iron plate, the main frame made of І-shaped steel.
  • Handrail and full covered reinforced footplates for safety protection.
  • Inclined belt conveyor with cotton belt for single-faced web lifting.
  • For DMWL-A single facer, synchronization is realized with chain by single face.
  • Motorized web running controller

Suction tension control device

  • Vacuum suction to tension the web. Vacuum blower force is adjustable.
  • Vacuum suction box with width-related suction range.
  • Motorized web edge alignment.
  • Two sets of operator control panels with one at bridge and the other at glue machine.

Glue Machine

Main Structure and Features

  • Pneumatic pressing with quick acting and non-waste
  • Self-circulating glue supplying system with adjustable glue quantity
  • Preheating device quickens glue gelling
  • Synchronization with line is kept with external drive source
  • High precision engraved and hard-chrome plated applicator roll (30LPI)
  • Hard chrome-plated pressure roll, doctor roll, preheating roll as well as guide roll

Main Technical Data

  • Available width: 1800mm
  • working speed: 100m/min

Double Facer

Double Facer

Main Technical Data

  • Designed speed: 100m/min
  • Available width: 1800 mm
  • Total power :45Kw

Main Structure and Features

  • Surface ground steel hot plates, 490mm wide, are of inner whirlpool structure, favorable for steam distribution
  • Dense weight rolls of heating unit are lifted and lowered as a whole with motorized height adjustment.
  • Dense weight rolls of cooling unit ensure perfect forming quality.
  • If configured with mechanical cut-off, the drive unit must be driven with external power source, while with computerized cut-off, the drive unit is driven with self-power.
  • Pneumatic tension for upper belt
  • Large engraved drive roll stand (Φ625mm), covered with herringbone wearable rubber
  • Hard chrome-plated weight rolls as well as guide rolls
  • Hot plates: 13

Slitter Scorer

Main Structure and Features

  • Precision ball lead screws for tools setup
  • Manual tool setup
  • Adjustable slitting depth and easy blade disengagement.
  • Scoring head introduces whole mechanism design with little radial and end face run-out
  • Self drive source, synchronizing with the line automatically.
  • Motorized adjustment for scoring depth to meet different caliper needs
  • Motorized lateral adjustment for the whole machine to meet web deviation.
  • New thin blade enables clean cutting edge at high speed.
  • Automatic blade-regrinding and blade-lubricating devices keep tool-edge sharp during operation and saves maintenance time.
  • Pneumatic lifting and lowering of working station for quick order changeover.
  • Male-to-female scoring profile
  • 4 outs

Main Technical Data

  • Available width: 1800mm
  • Designed speed: 150m/min
  • slit-to-slit distance: 125mm
  • score-to-score distance: 80mm
  • Tool set up precision: +1
  • Total power: 8.3kw (without blower) 3kw (with blower)

Trim Shredder

  • Shred the waste side trim and scrap out from the slitter scorer, then convey to the waste-collecting site through high-pressure suction tube.
  • Mass flow, high pressure, strong shredding force, and long conveying distance.
  • Especially suitable for medium or advanced level production line
  • Working pressure: 4000Pa
  • Air flow: 4200m3/h
  • Shredding capacity: 1.5t/h


Main Structure and Features

  • It is the upgraded version of DHQ
  • Two knife rolls rotate to cut the board with shearing difference, featuring lower cutting force and lower noise
  • Precision adjustable anti-backlash gears ensure accurate mesh between knives
  • Computerized order management system
  • The drive unit is driven with self-power.
  • Knife bars: Φ245, fine-machined & treated with dynamic equilibrium
  • Cut knives: Quenched steel, T8A

Main Technical Data

  • Designed speed: 100m/min
  • Available width: 1800mm
  • Cutting length: 500~3000mm
  • Cutting precision: ± 1mm
  • Total power: 39 kW

Compressed Air System

  • Supply compressed air to the complete line, keeping stable working pressure.
  • Centralized air supplying with air compressing station.
  • Compressed air filtered at the inlet is clean and stable.
  • Individual control of each unit independently of each other.
  • Adjustable pressure with pressure meter for each unit.
  • Accessorial copper pipes and PU pipes are wearable.
  • Re-filtered and lubricated with oil mist prior to entering each machine.
  • Integrated pneumatic and electric control system with one operation panel, featuring easy and convenient remote operation.
  • Two 0.6m3/min air compressors (power: 3.7kW/set) for lower speed single wall production line.
  • Two 0.9m3/min air compressors (power: 5.5kW/set), and 1.5m3 air storage tank for double wall production line and singe wall line with width more than 2200mm.
  • Three 0.9m3/min air compressors (power: 5.5kW), and 2.5m3 air storage tank for triple wall production line.

Glue System

  • Supply starch adhesive for single facer(s) and glue machine.
  • Horizontal mixer confects the main glue and carrier glue and then mixes them enough with large volume. The storage capacity of main glue is 1.42m3, Mixer motor power is 5.5kW; the storage capacity of carrier glue tank is 0.57 m3, mixer motor power is 2.2kW.
  • Storage tank and supply tank is equipped with mixing device, preventing glue from depositing. Storage capacity of storage tank is 1000L. Mixer motor power is 1.5 kW.
  • Self-circulating glue supplying system with 280L glue return tank on the ground. Automatic glue level control. The returned glue is pumped to the storage tank with self-priming pump (power: 1.5 kW) and then flows to relevant equipment, avoiding glue gelling and solidifying in the glue pan.
  • Individual glue preparing system is flexible for glue room layout.
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