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5 Ply Fully Auto Corrugated Box Line 80 MPM

We have wide range of 5 Ply Fully Automatic Corrugated Box Line according to size and client requirement. Natraj Corrugating Machinery Company is well known name for 5 Ply Fully Automatic Corrugated Box Line. We have installed so many 5 Ply Fully Automatic Corrugated Box Line in India and  all over world. We have very good after sale service and always workd for the customer satisfaction. If you have any question on 5 Ply Fully Automatic Corrugated Box Line then you can call on +91-9810275497.

Specification Equipment Name UNIT QTY Remark
ZJ-F Shaftless Mill Roll Stand A 3 Toothed chuck,manual butterfly disc brake,mechanically driven lift,left and right translation, for medium。
  Paper Trolly A 6 Rail Length 4510mm,trolly adopt 10mm medium plate welding。
RNN-1-400 Facial Tissue Preheater A 2 Roller¢400mm,including certificate of pressure vessel。Electromotion adjustment angle。It can adjust the paper preheat area in the range of 360°。
RnnG-1-400 Core Paper Preheater A 2 Roller¢400mm,including certificate of pressure vessal. Electromotion adjustment angle. It can adjust the paper preheat ares in the range of 360°。
SF-280S Single Facer A 1 Corrugated  main roller¢280mm,material 48CrMo alloy steel。Adopt independent gearbox, univeral joint transmission structure。
RnnG-3-400 Triple Preheater A 1 Roller¢400mm,including the certificate of preesure vessal.electromotion adjustment angle.it can adjust the paper preheat areas in the range of 360°。
RNN-C Double  Glue Machine A 1 Diameter of glue roller¢269mm,carved 25 line pit type checker。Frequency independent motor drive, PL Ccontrol。Electromotion adjustment of the amount of glue , glue quantity of digital display。
DF Conveyor Bridge Set 1 Adsorption of tension、electromotion partial。
  Double Facer Set 1

8 pieces heating plate in a dryer section,electric lifting the pressure roller,adopt the platen.gear transmisson parts.oil lubrication。

ZQS Thin Knife Slitting Set 1 Electric thin knife electric partial,Electric adjustment of clearance,five knives eight lines,the blade made of tungsten alloy steel。
NC-80 NC Cutter Helical Knives A 1 Full ac servo control spiral blade structure。Germany Bryant servo motor drive controller,Taiwan Eview yield 10.4 inches color touch screen display。
DMT-80 Paper Sheet Delivery and Side Conveyer A 1 Electric adjusted board size,pneumatic control transverse output board.
ZJZ Glue Station System Set 1 Customers -owned pipeline。Glue configuration is composed by carrier tank、main tank、storage tank、and send plastic pump、back plastic pump。
QU Gas Source System A 1 Including 0.6m³gas tank 1 unit。Air pump、pipeline is prepared by the customers.
ZQ Steam Syetem Set 1 Steam system components to be provided by customer 。Customer-owned boilers and pipes.
DQ Electrical Control Cabinet System Set 1

Electronic control system:The entire line speed mechanism adopts electromagnetic speed motor。Cabinet surface  paint electrostatic spray ,Wearable and beautiful.The main contactor relays using major brands.

Shaftless Mill Roll Stand​

Symmetrical structure can also install two bundles of paper at the same time,Paper can be used for non-stop for a job;Adopts mechanical drive to complete the paper clamping, lifting, loosen, move on, around translational motion, etc.

Each shaftless mill roll stand is equipped with two pieces of paper guide, two set of paper car;paper guide the use of channel 14 and the guide post weld,paper car adopt 10mm welded stell,the length of track is 4510mm.

Manual dics brake,add screw following

Electric elements centralized control the electric elements,toothed chuck.

Technical Parameters 

Back Stands Action Mode:Mechanical Electric Operation

The Range of Paper Jams : Maximum : 1400mm, Minimum : 600mm

The Daimeter of Paper Jams : Maximum :¢1200mm, Minimum :¢400mm

Unilateral Maximum Load : Maximum 2000 Kg

Powered Motor Parameters :

1. Paper Jams Motor : 550W×4set 380V 50HZ Short(S2)Working Standrad

2.Lift Motor : 1.5KW 380V 50HZ short(S2)Working Standrad

Mainly Purchased Parts, Raw Materials and Origin 

Name of Main Parts

Brands or Place of Origin



Hebei Hengshui



Shandong Dezhou  Jin bu huan



Zhengtai or De li xi




3 inches, 4 inches Shared


Production own


Paper Trolly Guide

Push the Roller in Place.

Track whole buried, The main frame of the 14th channel with ¢ 20mm cold drawn round welding,the track length 4510 mm.

Each paper with two stage paper trolley,and the paper from the two sides at the same time.

Name of Main Parts

Brands or Place of Origin

Material and Type

Track and Paper Trolly

Tanggang or Jigang

Numer 14 channel steel、Q235A、strip




RG-1-400 Tissue(Core)Paper Preheater

Structural Features

Pressure roller adopt dishing seal or plat design,In accordance with national standard category pressure vessel,and with the pressure vessel certificate.

The roll surface after precision grinding, fine grinding and hard chromium plating processing, surface friction,durable.

Electromotion adjustable angle, angle can rotate in the range of 360°,and adjust the paper preheat area.

Adopt two-stage reducer to adjust angle, has self-locking function.

Technical Parameters 

Effective Width : 1400mm

Diameter of the Preheat Roller :¢600mm, Angle Anjustable Range : 360°rotation, Diameter of the Angle:¢85mm×2

Steam Temperature : 150-200℃, Steam Pressure : 0.8-1.3Mpa

Work Pressure:380V 50Hz

Motor Power:250W short(S2)Work System

Main Purchased Parts Materials and Place of Origin 

Name of Main Part

Brands or Place of Origin

Material and Type

Steam Rotary Joint

Shandong tengzhou Lu guan qiu



Hangang or Jigang

Q235BPressure Vessel Plates




Seat Belt Bearing

Zhengjiang Five Rings



Shandong, De zhou,Jin bu huan



France Schneider


Angle Axis


GB seamless steel pipe¢85



Inverted bucket

Fingerless Type Single Facer

  • Adopt vacuum suction structure, with high pressure strong blower.Suction with silencer.Gas supply and electrical control cabinet to focus on the same operation cabint,not less than 1.5 meters away from the host,Fully enclosed full operation side base and wallboard cast iron wall,Wallboard thickness130mm universal Joints

  • corrugated roller material adopt  48CrMoalloy steel,quenched、Laser hardening,Surface finish,main roll of cirrugated diameter¢ 280mm,surface hardnessHRC60degree above。The key parts of the tile and pressure roller bearings Wafangdian produce high temperature bearings.

  • pressure roller ¢ 284mm,surface grinding and chrome-plated;cylinder control and remove up and down, 45 carbon steel materials, quenching (with cushioning devices)

  • pneumatic control glue to glue back, glue roller diameter ¢215mm,Engraved polished; surface after a 25-line pit style textured machined chrome plated,after scraping the roller surface polished hard chrome plated.

  • Corrugated roller, pressure roller materials provided by the Central Plains Steel,High on corrugating unilateral 0.15mm, 0.075mm high pressure roller unilateral. Plus stopper. ¢ 160mm cylinder with compression cylinder.

  • preheat roll adopt seamless steel pipe production by tiangang ¢ 300mm,connecting with metal Hose.

fingerles type single facer

Regular Techinical Parameters

  • effective width:1400mm
  • operation direction:left or right(determained in accordance with customer plant)

  • Design Speed 80 M/ min
  • temperature range:160—200℃
  • gas source:0.4—0.9Mpa
  • steam pressure:0.8—1.3Mpa
  • corrugated flute(UVtype or UVVtype)

Roller Diameters Parameters.

  • Diameter of corrugated roller:   ¢280mm
  • Diameter of pressure roller:      ¢284mm
  • Daimeter of glue roller:            ¢215mm
  • diameter of preheatroller:        ¢320mm
Powered Motor Parameters
  • main drive motor:7.5KW  rated voltage:380V    50Hz Continuous (S1) working standard
  • suction motor:7.5KW  rated voltage:380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working standard

Conveyer Bridge

  • This part is the main beam of the 20th channel, 16-beam, angle iron 63, column, etc. are connected.
  • Both sides of the security fence, ladder (with 8 small channel production), high-strength save people the word pedals, ensure the safety of personnel and easy to operate.
  • Pull the paper shaft surface tension axis, feeding shaft by grinding hard chrome plated.
  • Vacuum tension control, 5-inch suction tube, plus regulating valves, air flow can be infinitely adjustable.
  • Dual front bezel correction guide column positioning, screw driver, fast and accurate positioning, walking steadily.

Roller Diameters Parameters

  • Paper roll and a tension roller diameter:¢130mm   diameter of conveyer roller:¢1100mm
  • Active tension roller diameter:¢85mm  diameter ofover rollers and guide rollers:¢111mm

  • Paper towing shaft diameter:¢110mm

Motor and electrical parameters

  • corrugated single paper lift motor:2.2KW    380V     50Hz   continuous(S1)work system
  • The bridge adsorption motor:2.2KW      380V     50Hz    continous(S1)work system
  • Wide motor tune cardboard:    250W             380V     50Hz    short(S2)work system

Triple Preheater

  • preheat roller accord with the national standard of the pressure vessal,and enclosed the pressure container certificate and inspection certificate.
  • Each roller surface after grinding precision grinding and dealing with hard chrome plating, Surface friction is small, durable
  • electromotion adjustable angle, it can rotated adjust the paper preheat area in the range of 360°.

Technical Parameters

  • diameter of preheat roller:¢600mm      range of angle adjustment:360°rotation    diameter of wrap angle axis:¢85mm
  • steam temperature:150-200℃      steam pressure:0.8-1.3Mpa
  • motor power:250W     short(S2)working system      380V     50Hz

Single Glue Machine

  • after quenched of the glue roller surface,the hole machining, surface grinding and doing balancing engraved anilox pit type, coating evenly, less consumption of plastic
  • Pneumatic structure platen gap by electric tuning。On the next floor are made independent variable frequency motor drive.
  • take the speed signal of the double facer,so as to synchronous operation with it. Man-machine interface display, easy operation

Regular Technical Parameters

  • effective width:1400mm
  • operation direction:left or right(Determined in accordance with the customer’s facility)
  • highest design speed:80m/min
  • air source system:0.4—0.9Mpa
  • temperature range of the preheater:150—200℃
  • steam pressure:1.12—1.3Mpa
  • equioment size :Lmx3.3*Wmx1.4*Hmx2.7
  • single weight:MAX40000Kg


Roller Diameter Parameters

  • glue roller:¢269mm    Fixed paste roller:¢140mm
  • bottom preheat roller:¢402mm  up preheat roller:¢374mm   the paper roller:¢110mm

Power motors and electrical parameters

  • glue roller initiative frenquency motor:3KW            380V     50Hz    Continuous (S1) working standard
  • glue amount adjustment reducer:    250W           380V     50Hz    short(S2)working system
  • pressure roller gap adjustment motor:  250W           380V     50Hz    short(S2)working system
  • glue pump motor:         2.2KW           380V     50Hz    Continuous (S1)working system

F type double facer

  • Heating plate surface by grinding treatment,hot plate width600mm,a total of 8 pieces heating plate.
  • Preheat board is made of contactor board,  in accordance with the national standrads of pressure container, enclosed the pressure container certificate and inspection certificate
  • hot plate adopts touch plate design structure.Plate movements using pneumatic spring-type structure
  • On both sides about conveyor belt deviation adjustment adopts automatic adjustment,2 sets of the conveyor belt tensioning system,one set is manual(fine tuning)、the other is pneumatic adjustment(high speed)
  • Thermal pipe heating plate temperature control points seven sections with temperature display
  • up cotton belt with double cylinder S cotton belt tensioning device
  • bottom cotton belt with s-shaped correction manually tensioning mechanism, structure simple and practical,under with manual fine-tuning
  • Drive roller coated with attached wear-resistant rubber ,showed a herringbone structure,With a high, ensure smooth cardboard output
  • Main drive motor for frequency conversion motor,low-speed torque,wide speed range ,reliable, and easy maintenance
  • hot plate internal for partition isolation structure,s-shaped flow of steam,Steam, water separation function significantly improves the utilization of steam

Regular Technical Parameters

  • temperature requirment:160—200℃   steam pressure:0.8-1.3Mpa
  • air source pressure:0.6—0.9Mpa

  • Cooling stereotypes length:4m   
  • Heating plate quantity:8 pieces
Power motors and electrical parameters
  • Main drive motor power:30KW 380V 50Hz     Continuous (S1) working standard
  • Hydraulic station motor power :2.2KW   380V  50Hz    Continuous (S1) working standard

Roller Diameter Parameters

  • 1、up drive rubber roller diameter:¢700mm          bottom drive rubber roller diameter:    ¢400mm        Wear rubber Outsourcing
  • Former follower with roller diameter:¢270mm          After setting belt driven roller diameter:¢215mm
  • Pressure belt roller diameter:    ¢70mm          Shaping roller diameter:¢86mm
  • The belt tension roller diameter:¢130mm        The roll diameter with detuning:¢124mm
  • Under the belt tension roller diameter:¢130mm          Entrusted with the roll diameter under the belt:¢130mm

Note: All the roller surface after grinding are hard chrome plated。

Thin Knife Slitting

  • Overcome the conventional type of pole, cutting pressure lines appear when collapsed cardboard cut phenomenon, cutting board smooth, quality has improved significantly
  • the whole machine can remove left and right,cycloid reducer to adjust
  • Cutter and easy to adjust the pressure line, the error ± 0.5mm, automatic sharpening device, you can achieve timing Brothers, with intermittent Brothers and other features.
  • the machine adopt five knives eight lines,the blade is made of tungsten alloy steel, the using life is not less than 3 million running meters

NC Cutter Helical Knives

  • it can store 200 units orders,replace the cutter specifications quickly and accurately,changing orders without stop,And enables networked computers to facilitate production management
  • it can store 200 units orders,replace the cutter specifications quickly and accurately,changing orders without stop,And enables networked computers to facilitate production management
  • Knife shaft drive gears are precision forged steel induction hardening, backlash-free transmission, advanced keyless connection, high transmission accuracy
  • Cutting machine adopts inlaid front steel blade knife spiral structure, serrated knife. scissors, shears, shear force, long blade life
  • around feed rollers are used  the sun gear platen way, smooth delivery, pressure evenly, easy to crush plate board or cause blockage
  • This model is the braking energy storage (non-dynamic braking), so the energy consumption in the production process, the average electricity consumption is 1/3 of an ordinary NC cutting machine, saving more than 70% power to reach the goal of saving money .
  • Precision adjustable no gap gear to ensure precise blade engagement, running balance
  • Using an independent oil pump and filter with two copper distribution in each gear position oil, lubrication and cooling
  • Knife roller: fine quality forged steel material, the balanced, with good stability

Regular Technical Parameters

  • Minimum cutting length:500mm                    
  • Maximum cutting length:9999mm
  • Cutter accuracy: Uniform for ± 1mm, non-uniform to ± 2mm

Power motors and electrical parameters

  • main drive motor power:12.5KW    Full AC synchronous servo
  • Before feeding motor power:3KW(Frequency Control
  • Oil pump motor power:0.25KW

Roller Diameter Parameters

  • Cross on the knife shaft center distance:  ¢216mm        
  • Before the lower conveying roller diameter  ¢156mm 
  • After the lower conveying roller diameter: ¢156mm
  • 4、The front of the platen roller diameter: ¢70mm         
  • The front of the platen roller diameter:       ¢70mm

Note: After all have been grinding rollers, hard chrome plated at (on except under the knife shaft) dealing.

Paper Sheet Delivery And Side Conveyer

  • Adopted on the 16th channel welded。Electric adjustment of cardboard the size of the lateral output pneumatic control board, electrically adjustable conveyor speed.
  • Cardboard sheets to the desired number or height requirements will be controlled by a foot switch out of cardboard。
  • Vertical bin using wide flat belt conveyor transport。

Technical Parameters

  • The maximum accumulation length:3000mm                      
  • The maximum stack height:200mm

Power motors and electrical parameters

  • .Main conveyor motor:3KW   adopt frenquency motor
  • Lateral output of the motor:1.5KW    Three-phase asynchronous motor
  • Walking Motor:1.5KW    Three-phase asynchronous motor

Glue Station System

  • provide the starch adhesive to the corrugated single facer ,two glue machine and some other gluing equioment.
  • Horizontal glue machine can meanwhile matched  withmain body glue and carrier glue, and mixing, glue large。
  • Making room storage barrels adhesive solution was to use the glue pump rubber equipment storage barrels, adhesive solution for equipment。
  • Storage barrels, plastic barrels with mixing device, avoid glue solution precipitation agglomerate。
  • System unit with carrier vessel, main tank, storage tank, and send the glue pump, the back glue pump, etc。
  • glue system adopt glue cycle,rest glue go back to the glue square cylinder,Liquid level float automatic control,the back glue a bucket of glue liquid being beaten back with glue equipment storage bucket,cycle for glue,Save the glue solution,prevent the glue solution in the rubber plate pasting and caking precipitation.
  • Work has been completed, the residual gum dividend total pipeline with rubber equipment rubber pumped back rubber room storage barrels, for next time use。
  • Responsible for technical guidance, teaching adhesive dispensing process。

Technical Parameters

  • Horizontal body glue mixer:                              one     
  • Carrier glue mixer:                                           one
  • Storage glue mixer:                                         one     
  • Plastic buckets on double coater:                      one
  • Two coating machine back plastic buckets :         one 
  • Plastic buckets on single machine :                     two
  • Single machine back plastic buckets:                 two   
  • Lose glue dispensing pumps:                            four

Glue Barrel Diameter Parameters

  • Horizontal body glue mixer:1250mm×1000mm×900mm
  • Carrier glue mixer  diameter:  ¢800mm×900mm
  • Diameter plastic bucket on Double Glue:¢800mm×1000mm    Plastic buckets on single machine:¢800mm×1000mm
  • Storage tank diameter:      ¢1200mm×1200mm

Power motors and electrical parameters

  • Horizontal body glue mixer:      3KW                        380V    50Hz
  • Carrier glue mixer:        2.2KW(Ordinary three-phase)              380V    50Hz
  • output plastic pump motor :          2.2KW(Ordinary three-phase)            380V   
  • Storage Tank Motor        1.5KW(Ordinary three-phase)            380V    50Hz

Steam System

  • Production line for hot heating energy delivery device to maintain a stable operating temperature。
  • All units are designed to be independent small unit for the steam system, segmented temperature control, energy saving, easy to adjust

Technical Parameters

  • steam consumption:about1.5-2T/h
  • Equipped with boiler:4t/h
  • Equipped with boiler pressure:1.25Mpa   Pipe temperature:170—200℃
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