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Paper Sheet Delivery & Side Conveyor Machine

Paper Sheet Delivery & Side Conveyor Machine

  • Effective Width: 1400 mm – 2200 mm, Design Speed : 100 m/min – 180 m/min
  • Max. Sheet length : 300 mm – 3500 mm
  • Automatic Stack and collect cardboard.
  • With electromotion transmit horizontally by electric adjustment of backstop position
  • Vertical meet cardboard adopts wide conveyor to transmit.
  • The sheet or height of cardboard will be moved out by automatic or switch control when reaching request.

Automatic Up Stacking Machine

  • Effective width 1400 mm -2500 mm, Design speed: 200 m/min – 250 m/min
  • The max, stacking height: 250 mm the max stacking length: 3500 mm
  • The automatic change order in 5 second, Automatic counting, and automatic horizontal paperboard delivery.
  • Synchronization with production management control system, change order automatically with high speed.
  • During working with production manage control system, the waste paperboard less than 700 mm due to change order.
  • caterpillar type stacking platform , AC servo control movement, stacking smoothly and tidily.
  • Automatic paperboard side delivery when reaching the setting quantity.
  • Paperboard dam controlled by AC servo system, Change order automatic and fast, Suitable for small size paperboard stacking.
  • Standard electric transport conveyor and double side delivery table
  • Individually sealed control cabinet, electrical equipment running in a clean environment
  • color touchscreen display for easy field operation
  • fully automatic operation control, Improve efficiency, save manpower, reduce labor intensity

Basket Down Stacker

  • Effective working width: 1600 mm- 2500 mm
  • Max. working speed: 200 m/min 250 m/min
  • Max. Sheet length 3000 mm, min sheet length 500 mm.
  • Max Stacking height 1400 mm. ( stacking height not over triplicity of sheet width)
  • Automatic sheet stacking and side delivery.
  • simplex or duplex down stacker structure.
  • Hydraulic Servo valve control of elevator deck, ensure stable and quickly stacking.
  • conveyor belt keeping synchronous with production line speed, keep stacking stable.
  • PLC Control system to follow production line speed , delivery paper sheet, control elevator deck up and down, control back stop positioning clapboard to achieved automatic order change
  • Adopt fiberglass brush press paperboard , and according to paperboard length adjust pressure. Exit of paper sheet delivery with press brush, anti-excursion and guide paper sheet correct delivery.
  • Subsection independent driver by AC frequency conversion motor, automatic follow production speed of production line, ensure stable and quickly stacking
  • This machine can be connect with production management system to achieved order change and order management.
  • Adopt man – machine conversation and touch screen display, easy operation.
  • Automatic clapboard setting for sheet and automatic paper sheet side delivery.
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