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Single Facer Corrugated Line


Design. Speed 150m/min | Working Speed120m/min


1600mm – Hydraulic Shaftless Reel Stand

( with 2 feeding track & trolley)

2 1600mm – Ø600 Pre-heater 2 SET

1600mm – 320B Fingerless Type Single Facer

( Vacuum absorbable feeding; Electric adjust the glue width ; Gimbal driver system. drive motor with frequency inverter)

4 Conveying Bridge 1 SET

DWX-150 NC Single-face Corrugating Cutting Machine

(NC Thin Blade Slitter, Slitter Scorer – Electric Adjustment for Slititng knife , Down Stacking)


Max. paper width: 


Max. Width of corrugating roll


Design Speed of machine


Working temperature

220-280 degree

Flute TYPE:

As your requirements

Electric power: 


Power requested: 


►Spec of Hydraulic:

1,Working Pressure(mpa):16-18mpa,

lift hydraulic cylinder:Φ100×440mm,

Clamping hydraulic cylinder: Φ63×1300mm

Power Motor for Hydraulic Station:3KW –415V — 50Hz

Magnetic Valve Voltage:415V 50HZ

Hydraulic Reel Stand

►Structure and Features:

1,Reel paper lift-lower, clamp, loosen, movement, contra position operated by hydraulic.feeding kraft/reel paper quickly.

2, Brake: multiple-point brake.

►Spec of stand:

1, Reel Stand driven by hydraulic

2, Kraft paper range:

Width: Max: 1600mm    Min: 800mm

Diameter: Max: Φ1500mm

Main Shaft Dia.: Φ242mm  

Max Weight:3000Kg(One side)

3, Pneumatic Source Pressure(Mpa): 0.4—0.8Mpa

Kraft Paper Feeding Ground Rack & Trolly

►Structure and Features :

1, To feed the kraft paper to reel stand.

2, The whole body of rack is under the ground, main frame: Model 14 channel steel with ¢ 20mm drawing bar weld together,overall length 6000mm.

3, Two racks for one reel stand to feed the kraft paper at both side.


  • The preheater roller is under the stander of the 1st class(grade) pressure vessel of the national.
  • All the surfaces of every rollers have been grinded with high accuracy and chromed plated to less the resistance of paper preheating, long service of using life.
  • Electric to enlarge the preheating area, preheating area can be in 360° to adjust the preheating Area.

►Common Spec:

1, Working Width: 1600mm    

2, Diameter of the Preheater cylinder:Φ600mm      

  Preheating adjusting area by electric: 360°   

  Diameter of the roller for Preheating adjusting area by electric:Φ85mm

3, Steam temperature: 150-200℃      Steam pressure: 0.8-1.3Mpa

4, Working Power:415V     50Hz

5, Power:250W     Short Time(S2) Working Type

Vacuum Absorbable Feeding Single facer

Corrugated Rollers:


Down Roller:Φ320mm


48CrMo high quality alloy steel, rigidity HRC55°-58°

Processing Way

The surface of upper-lower roller is plating chrome, annealing, hardening and tempering, surface grinded

Fulte Type

E Flute

Heating way of the reel paper

Steam heating

Preheater Rollers:


UP Roller:Φ402mm


seamless steel tube

Material band or origin

Tianjin Iron & Steel

All connected by flexible metallic tubes

1600mm- Vacuum Absorbable Feeding Single facer

Glue Rollers:



Processing Way

Surface of glue roller is grinded, then with 25 line rut type net dot,then plating chrome

Surface of glue banlance roller is grinded then plating chrome

Control Way

Airbags control of the Lifting Up-down

Glue Supply

Glue circulating system(storage tank+glue pump)

Press Rollers:




medium steel (MS)45#

Processing Way

The surface is grinded then plating chrome, hardening and tempering(With Buffer)

Control Way

Penumatic cylinder control of the Lifting Up-down

Common Spec

Style of Transmit cardboard

Vacuum Cover adsorbable style, Hight pressure Draw fan.with wind control Adjusting & noise deadening device.

Style of Control Roller

Pneumatic control the upper roller, pressure roller and glue roller


Anti-high temperature lube to lubricate the Corrugated Roller and Press Roller’s gears

Glue Width Adjusting

Electric adjusting

Driving Way:With frequency inverter

Conveying Bridge

►Spec of the rollers:

  • Paper feeding rollers & tension rollers:Φ127mm transport rollers:Φ110mm
  • Main tension drive rollers:Φ127mm paper pass rollers and paper guide rollers:Φ110mm
  • Paper feeding rollers with belts:Φ110mm

Note: All the surfaces of the rollers are grinded and then chromed plated.

Conveying Bridge

  • The Main Frame is connected with channel steel, and angle steel.
  • With Protecting Handrail on both sides and safety pedal, the operation side is installed with safety ladder, to make sure the safety and convenience of the worker.
  • PVC feeder belt to transport the single or double face corrugated sheet with corrugated type.
  • Vacuum suction tension control, suction pipe with adjusting valve, draw fan power can be adjusted freely.

►Common Spec:

  • Working Width:1600mm
  • Operation Direction: Left or right(decided by the workshop of customer

►Spec of Motor:

  •  Single face sheet draw motor: 3kw,Continuous (S1) working Type variable-frequency control
  • Draw Fan Motor: 3kw,Continuous (S1) working TypePaper width adjusting speed reducer: 250w Short time  (S2) working Type
Type NC Cutter & Slitter scorer & Down Stacker

►Roller Info:

1、Upper Roller of Cutter Knife:¢200mm; With dynamic balance processing

2、Down Roller of Cutter Knife:¢200mm With dynamic balance processing

3、Down Roller of drawing paper:¢156mm With dynamic balance processing

Note: All the surfaces of the rollers are grinded and then chromed plated.

►Spec of Motor:

  1. Main motor:12.5KW servo motor
  2. Paper feeding motor:3KW
  3. Paper delivery motor:1.5KW
  4. 4. Paper side delivery motor: 0.75KW

DWX-150 Type NC Cutter & Slitter scorer & Down Stacker Specification:

  1. Keep order 999, touch screen & PLC control system
  2. Servo system, high-quality servo motor drive.
  3. Helical cutting knives, Quality gear with high-accuracy grinding, long life knives.
  4. Stacker with automatic calculation and side delivery. The max. Stacking length 1600mm.
  5. Adopt tungsten slitter knives, long lift of slitter knives.
  6. Adopt high quality industrial computer control system.
  7. Electric adjustment of slitting knife.

►Common Spec:

1、Max. Width:1600mm                           

 2、Operation Side:Left or Right(As Client’s Plant)

3、Design Speed:150m/min                           

4、Workin Speed:120m/min

5、Equipment configuration:NC Helical Cutter        

  6、Min. Cutting Length:300mm     

7、Max. Cutting Length:9999mm                       

 8、5 groups¢200 circle blade   

9、Cutting Accuracy:±1mm(Normal Speed) ±1.5mm(Abnormal Speed)  

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