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Sheet Pasting Machine

Sheet Pasting Machine
  • With 3 Nos. Hard chrome plated rollers.
  • With Electric motor & Starter.
  • S.S. tray for Gum.
  • Single Side Control System, helps in quick and even setting of gum and pressure rollers on both sides.
  • Precise quantity transfer of gum helps in fast drying of corrugated sheet and also reduces Corrugated Liner’s impression on the top.
  • All Rollers are ground for smooth ad even application of gum, on 2 ply sheets.

Design Characteristics :

This machine mainly constitutes three rolls viz glue applicator, glue doctor a feed roll. The large applicator roll revolving in the Glue carries the adhesive, layered evenly by the doctor roll behind, to the crests of the paper flute. A third roll, which rotates freely, is suspended over the glue applicator roll for feeding of the board The gap between the rolls is adjustable. The glue pan can be raised or lowered to adjust the glue level. The glue can be completely drained when the pan plugs are removed.

Technical Specifications:

The machine finds its use, in the application of the glue on the tips of the 2 ply corrugated surface of the board with following specifications:



Speed r.p.m

Power Required

Floor Space


Gross Weight







0.5 H.P.

0.5 H.P.


82” x 30”
92” x 32”
104” x 35”




500 kg
600 kg
700 kg

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