Difference Between Finger and Fingerless Corrugation Machine 2019

Single Facer :- The Single facer is a machine which convert craft paper in to 2 ply corrugated board. There are two types of single facer machine used in corrugation industry.

  • Finger Type single facer
  • Finger Less type single facer

Both type of machines have different characteristic and specifications.

Finger Type Corrugation Machine

finger type corrugation machine

In finger type corrugation machine the flute paper is guided by brass adaptor and due to slot in the glue applicator roll, There is no gum application in gap of 3 mm at every 50 MM interval.

Glue Applicator finger type

Finger Type corrugation machine is available in different sizes from 32 inches to 80 inches. Size of the machine depend on the box type and size.

Finger Less Corrugation machine 

In the fingerless corrugation machine the fluted paper is guided by the suction.

Thus there are no slots in the gum applicator roll so the gum applicator roll in continuous and uniform from one end to another end.

Glue applicator roll fingerless

Finger less corrugation machine can have different sizes according to the size of corrugated board.

Advantage of Fingerless corrugation machine

  1. No adaptor marks on the board :- As there is no brass adaptor in fingerless machine so there is no chance of brass adaptor marks on the board.
  1. Compression Strength of the board increase :- There is fixed flute height and fixed redious so compression strength of board increase in fingerless corrugation machine.  
  2. BF (Bursting Factor) of the board increase :- Due to increase in compression strength of the board BF of board also increase.
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